Cannabis has long been smoked in pipes but around 1856 a pharmacist at the University Guadalajara Mexico mentions laborers mixing cannabis in their tobacco cigarettes. In fact it is said that the word “roach’ (referring to the end of a Joint/Blunt) comes from the Mexican song “La Cucaracha”. One of the most commonly quoted stanzas of the song is 

The Cockroach, the cockroach

can’t walk anymore

because it doesn’t have, because it’s lacking 

marijuana to smoke.

In the late 1800’s Cannabis cigarettes can be seen evolving in to the medical industry as a treatment for respiratory ailments, such as Grimault’s Indian Cigarettes. As these Cannabis Cigarettes or “joints” as we know them today became more and more popular with main stream populations during the time of prohibition there was a need to take the Joint to the next level.

It is widely believed that the name Blunt comes from using the Phillies Blunt brand cigar for the rolling leaf. Typically a Blunt was a cigar split open, the tobacco removed, cannabis put in place of the tobacco and then the leaf rolled back together. The Blunt was sealed with saliva, then dried by running a lighter under it and then smoked. Blunts became widely popularized by Rap and Hip Hop music artists in the 1990’s. The youth of that time spread the wonders of this new way of smoking which was vastly different from a joint.

As the exodus from tobacco began near the end of the millennium. The next big improvement in Blunts came as a Hemp wrap. This is a toasted Hemp product pressed into a wrap shape. This is then filled with Cannabis and sealed. The Hemp wrap is more flexible making it easier to roll and offers a smoother taste than using a tobacco leaf. Blunts are currently found on the shelves of dispensaries using a variety of different wraps. Don’t miss out they are great for a crowd or that long after work personal session. Try them all, but don’t miss out on Toking Blunts and make every smoke session a celebration.                                                                                           #StayBlunted