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#Blunt_Tender of The Week is… Keith

Keith has been in the industry since 2015 as a budtender. He has “seen the entire world in front of him change into a chiller, happier version of itself through Cannabis education and destigmatization”. Keith is a musician, check out his latest album.


#TokingBlunts Pic of The Week 2/25/21

Drew is a full time dad to his epileptic pup. He spends free time enjoying a variety of Cannabis products, while hanging out with finance and pets and of course Gaming. “This was a genuine first reaction to trying the Acapulco Gold Toking Blunts”


#Blunt_Tender of the Week is… Vanessa

Vanessa has been in the Cannabis industry for almost 5 years a dispensary manager. “To be able to be part of this industry is Bad Ass” She wouldn’t change her job for the world and loves to be able to say “hey I sell weed for a living”


#TokingBlunts Pic of The Week 2/19/21

Cricket, A small town farmer who fell in love with Cannabis. Likes being able to share Cannabis with her community and amazing crew members at Oregon City Kaleafa Most of all loves being able to enjoy Cannabis on hikes, that’s where Toking Blunts come in handy.


#TokingBlunts Pic of The Week 2/11/21

Bubba.B.Blazin said that Toking Blunts remind him of something he would roll up with friends/family or even for himself. “They smoke nice and slow and I haven’t had any run on me yet, so I’ll keep smoking them”. “They are a nice size Blunt, not a little pinner like most other prerolls”.



Davion Loves the opportunity to serve his community from the Oregon City Branch of Kaleafa Likes to dance and play video games Clearly likes to smoke blunts and have a good time with friends